Hive of Beauty celebrates 30 years of success!

Hive of Beauty WaxCongratulations to Hive® of Beauty, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary as a professional beauty supplier. 

Established in 1993, the British brand developed its first product, the Beehive styled wax heater, which helped to raise the bar for professional waxing in salons. This led to the creation of specially formulated “honey” waxes and a full range of depilatory products.

Today Hive® has a worldwide customer base and offers a full range of Hive® Wax Heaters in various sizes with analogue and digital options. In addition, there's an extensive range of Hive® waxes including warm, crème and hot for hair removal plus paraffin wax formulations. 

The company has taken its three decades of experience to additionally introduce Hive® Lash which comprises a range of lash tints and a dual lash lift system. They have also entered the skincare sector with the launch of Hive® Solutions, a range of professional skin, massage, manicure and pedicure products. 

Expanding its portfolio further, Hive® recently introduced two established British brands to its collection; Oritree® professional waxing products and Pashana® hair lotions, tonics and colognes. 

Hive of Beauty
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