Guinot launch 30-minute age reversal facial

Guinot Visible Age Reverse Treatment Professional skin brand Guinot has introduced a new anti-ageing facial that promises skin that appears visibly more youthful in just 30 minutes.

The Guinot Visible Age Reverse Treatment combines exfoliation, ageing-ageing concentrate and the application of electrodes to re-sculpt and regenerate the skin.

The treatment commences with exfoliation, followed by the application of Guinot's Age Influx Concentrate. With a formulation of 20 amino acids, 14 vitamins and 22 biological elements, this boosts skin microcirculation, stimulates cutaneous innervation and regenerates elastic fibres.

The next step involves using Guinot's Vibrosmoothing electrode to smooth the skin, focusing on areas of concern. This is followed by the use of the Vibrodermic electrode which emits a frequency that targets the dermis to smooth wrinkles and firm the skin.

Trials show that after one treatment, 46.4% average decrease in wrinkle depth, after three treatments there was 77.9% average increase in firmness and 10% increase in regeneration of the epidermis. 

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