Guinot's new night cream acts on daily skin stress

Guinot Crème Night Logic French skincare house Guinot has launched its new overnight treatment created to counteract the effects of daily stress and tension on the skin. 

With a smooth non-greasy texture, Guinot Crème Night Logic is formulated with Chrononight which stimulates cell metabolism at night when it is most beneficial. Based on chronobiology, Chrononight is a biotechnological extract derived from a pseudo-microalgae that has day-night growth rhythms similar to that of cells.

In addition, Esculoside boosts microcirculation and detoxifies thanks to its ability to increase the resilience of blood vessels. Hydrocyte Complex maintains hydration deep in the epidermis, forming a protective barrier on the skin's surface to help limit water evaporation. 

Working in synergy, these three ingredients relax the skin and release energy, so that skin appears refreshed and rested, plumped, supple and soft. 

Guinot UK & Ireland