Green light for ABT Online Accredited Courses to stay

ABT are delighted to announce that ABT Online Accredited Courses are here to stay as a more permanent option for your business.

In addition, in a new development, video recorded assessments can now be accepted as part of any ABT Online Accredited Course. 

ABT first introduced Online Accreditation as a swift response to the pandemic in March 2020, when in-person education was prohibited. By enabling accredited training providers to deliver their courses via the internet using Skype, Facetime, Zoom or similar, educators could continue to operate and professionals ensure that their training and skills were kept up to date. 

Now, not only have ABT confirmed that they will continue to offer ABT Online Accreditation, the membership and insurance organisation have the green light to offer accredited training providers the option of including video pre-recorded assessments in their online syllabus, offering comment to the student at a later date. Those wishing to move to this form of assessment should notify the ABT Accreditation team so that the necessary notes can be made on your accreditation policy. 

ABT Online Accreditation is available in addition to face-to-face learning accreditation, priced at a one-off fee of £40 per course. 

ABT also recently announced that new tier to its beauty and hair course accreditation system has been introduced, enabling training providers to gain accreditation for up to three courses for just £175. Previously, the minimum number of courses that educators could apply for accreditation for was 10.

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