Give feet a boost with new +maskology products

+serumology Foot SerumEnhance your pedicures with +maskology's new Foot Mask Professional Foot Booties along with +serumology's Foot Serum. 

The +maskology Foot Mask Professional Foot Booties are dual layered boots that hydrate and nourish the skin. Infused with Fruit Extracts and Shea Butter, they intensely moisturise dry, tired or irritated feet. Peppermint helps to minimise bacteria levels, whilst Salicylic Acid targets dead skin cells to dissolve debris.

+serumology Foot Serum is a daily treatment is formulated with AHAs from Pumpkin to break down dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. Its 100% natural plant-based and water-free formula also includes Bergamot for its cleansing qualities that unclog pores to ensure water and nutrients can easily circulate, along with Ivy which rebalances dry areas.