Fashionizer Spa launches more sustainable spa robe

Fashionizer SpaWith sustainability a must in the beauty and spa sectors, Fashionizer Spa has introduced a new spa gown with a reduced environmental impact.

The Fashionizer Spa Kinthia robe is created from 100% organic cotton and designed to use less water and energy during laundering. Through tests conducted by TDS laundry, it was shown that laundering costs of the Kinthia robe were 50% less than those for traditional towelling robes and 63% less than waffle robes, due largely to the Kinthia gown's smaller size. Drying time is also reduced, with the Kinthia taking 25 minutes and  using 14.8Kw/h compared to a towelling robe taking approximately 50 minutes to dry using 29.6kW/h of energy on average.

What's more, due to its organic cotton fabrication, the Kinthia robe biodegrades once it comes to the end of its useful life.

In addition to its sustainable credentials, Fashionizer Spa's Kinthia robe is still luxurious with a wrap style, carefully designed sleeves, a detachable belt and two pockets.

It comes in two colour options, plain undyed cotton which can be embroidered with your spa's logo and personalised with trim, and also a green leaf print inspired by Forest Bathing. 

The Fashionizer Spa Kinthia robe is available from June 2023.

Fashionizer Spa
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