Everlasting Brows reveals disposable microblading tool

Microblading and PMU (Permanent Make-Up) experts Everlasting Brows have introduced a new disposable microblading tool.

The Everlasting Brows Majestic Tool fits any microblade, whether that be a standard or shading blade, and is ideal for use when you don't have access to an autoclave or when regulations state the need for fully sterile, disposable tools.

The tool comes individually wrapped for sterility and is 100% disposable to avoid cross-contamination.

Commenting on the launch, Kintija Belska, Co-Founder of Everlasting Brows, says: 

“The Everlasting Brows Majestic Tool has quickly become one of our best sellers. It is unique because it doesn't have any preset blades, allowing artists the freedom to choose their favourites from our range or any other range. When we designed it, we considered everything artists need: a tight grip, disposability, versatility, and a pen-like shape for comfort. I am fully confident that this product is essential for all microblading artists.”

Everlasting Brows