Discover the Future of Skincare with Opatra London

Opatra Spark 3 Diode Wavelength DeviceOpatra London is a revolutionary brand that truly understands your skin, inside out. A UK-based skincare brand that is changing the narrative of beauty across the globe.

Redefining beauty standards

Opatra London envisions a future where everyone, regardless of their skin type, finds products tailored just for them. Challenging outdated beauty standards, Opatra is paving the way for consistent, remarkable results for all with award-winning trade and consumer machines.

Innovation at its core

Pairing cutting-edge technology with effective skincare solutions, Opatra London is in the vanguard of creating an extensive suite of skincare products and professional care products that enhance and rejuvenate. Since 2010, Opatra has been transforming technological and scientific advancements into your favourite skincare essentials.


  • Dermisonic II: Gold Winner at Beauty Bible Awards 2023
  • Synergy Marble Best Design & Packaging: Gold Winner at Global Makeup Awards 2022
  • LumiQuartz: Gold Winner at Beauty Bible Awards 2022
  • Synergy Marble: Silver Winner at Global Makeup Awards 2022
  • Winner: Most Innovative Skincare Technology Company 2021 – UK – GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards 
  • Winner: Best Luxury Beauty Brand 2022 – Global 100
  • Winner: Most Advanced Skincare Technology Company 2021 – LuxLife Health & Beauty 
For professionals and homes alike

Whether you're a skincare professional or someone just looking to elevate their daily routine, Opatra London has got you covered. Renowned spas, beauty salons and aesthetic clinics worldwide trust in our efficacy. From handheld anti-ageing devices to ground-breaking skincare formulations and accessories, every product is a testament to Opatra's commitment to quality.

New professional care machines

Opatra is thrilled to introduce its latest collection of professional care machines, including the ground-breaking Hairminator and the innovative Sparks laser hair removal. 

Specifically tailored for clinics aiming to provide top-tier care, Opatra London's extensive range is just what your establishment needs. 

With an array of devices and machines tailored for every skin type, Opatra London continues to bridge the gap between beauty and cutting-edge technology.

Why Opatra London is a must for clinics:

1. Versatility and range: Opatra London's portfolio isn't just limited to one or two offerings. From handheld anti-ageing devices to professional facial and body equipment and even daily skincare formulations, we provide an all-encompassing solution.

2. Global recognition: Clinics worldwide, from spas to aesthetic centres, have incorporated Opatra London into their treatments. Opatra's global footprint is a testament to our efficacy.

3. Award-winning excellence: With titles like ‘Most Innovative Skincare Technology Company 2021 – UK' and ‘Best Luxury Beauty Brand 2021', integrating Opatra London into your clinic isn't just a choice, it's an upgrade to excellence.

4. Cutting-edge innovation: Opatra London's dedication to advancing skincare means they're consistently at the cusp of the latest technological and scientific breakthroughs. Equip your clinic with tools and products that are at the pinnacle of modern skincare.

5. A full clinic solution and unrivalled expertise: Opatra offers consultations, the latest in professional care machines and a full clinic solution. 

A beacon of excellence

Opatra London isn't just a name, it's a legacy. In 2021 alone, our innovation in skincare technology earned multiple accolades including ‘Most Innovative Skincare Technology Company 2021 – UK', ‘Most Advanced Skincare Technology Company 2021 – Europe', and ‘Best Luxury Beauty Brand 2021'. A global recognition that speaks volumes about Opatra's dedication and expertise.

Embrace the future of skincare. Choose Opatra London, where beauty meets technology.

Opatra London