DermaOrganic launches hair loss microcurrent treatment

Polish skincare brand DermaOrganic is launching its latest hair treatment in the UK which improves the appearance of hair loss by using natural, active products on the scalp and hair.

DermaOrganic Transdermalporation™ Hair treatment has been developed to stop hair shedding and thinning, as well as promoting hair growth and increasing hair density, by stimulating dormant hair follicle stem cells. This is done using a microcurrent and Nobel prize winning Transdermalporation™ technology.

The treatment takes place in five steps and includes the Active Phase Pen which uses microcurrent to increase the absorption of active ingredients into the scalp. 

This is supported by DermaOrganic's Organic Series of home care products, which includes shampoos, conditioners and styling products to aid results. Products in the Organic Series range are formulated with over 98% organic ingredients, and majority are vegan.  

The DermaOrganic Transdermalporation™ Hair treatment is launching initially at the Marlen Visage salon in West London, where training for other salons and clinics wishing to introduce the treatment will also take place.