Cut lash lift & brow lamination times by half

KG Professional  Lash and brow experts, KG Professional, have introduced new Brow Lamination and Lash Lift products designed to speed up treatment times by 50%.

KG Professional has developed innovative, fast-acting formulas which cut treatment times down to 30 minutes instead of the usual one hour. The kit works for both lash and brow treatments, with the treatment consisting of three steps: positioning hairs into place with a maximum treatment time of six minutes; holding lash or brow hairs in place whilst a tint can be applied at the same time; and finally nourishing the lash or brow hair. 

In addition, new KG Professional Brow Glue, formulated with Castor Oil, has been launched to keep brow hairs looking their best after a Brow Lamination treatment.

Commenting on the launch of speedier brow and lash treatments, Katie Godfrey, founder of KG Professional, says:

“Both Lash Lift and Brow Lamination are huge right now, as they not only give fabulous results but are super low maintenance too, which is what customers are calling out for at the moment, and the craze only looks like it's going to get bigger! My new KG Professional premium products are fast acting yet still really gentle on the hair and skin, plus tint can be added to step 2 which is game-changing - honestly I haven't seen anything like it in the industry so far!”.