Cosmeditech unveils SOFT FX Skincare Analysis

Cosmeditech, a prominent name in medical and aesthetic technology with over 30 years of industry experience, is thrilled to introduce SOFT FX. This ground-breaking innovation is set to reshape the landscape of skincare analysis, offering a fusion of clinical laboratory precision and aesthetic innovation that is nothing short of revolutionary.

Elevating Skincare Analysis

At its core, SOFT FX is an industry-changer. It's the first of its kind, marrying clinical laboratory technology with aesthetic finesse and it's set to redefine how clinics approach skincare analysis. With SOFT FX, professionals can delve into an array of skin conditions with unparalleled accuracy, including Hydration, Elasticity, pH, Sebum and Pigmentation.

HD Micro Camera Mastery

Leaving no detail unnoticed with the power of an HD micro camera, SOFT FX unveils every aspect, from pigmentation and wrinkles to redness and pores, even capturing skin texture, keratin levels, and cellulite. The result? A comprehensive understanding of the client's skin canvas like never before.

Unlike camera systems that tend to be two dimensional, SOFT FX takes skin, hair and body analysis to another level of magnitude using an array of advanced technology.

Customised Consultations

SOFT FX crafts bespoke consultations for both facial and bodily treatments, offering a personalised experience that sets new standards in skincare. The SOFT FX device effortlessly shares reports and recommendations that reach clients' phones, ensuring a seamless skincare journey.

Guided Progress

Harnessing the potency of a traffic light system, SOFT FX pinpoints areas of concern and improvement. It translates these insights into precise skincare guidance and tailored treatments, taking client experiences to a new level.

Unlocking Sales Potential

SOFT FX isn't just about analysis, it's a catalyst for revenue growth. Clinics can amplify cross-selling opportunities, boost client retention through data-driven recommendations and even cultivate referrals, transforming satisfied clients into vocal advocates.

Soft FX logoJoin SOFT FX - the Future of Skincare Analysis

SOFT FX represents a watershed moment in skincare analysis. To explore the full spectrum of SOFT FX's capabilities and product demonstrations, or any additional information, contact Cosmeditech on 0800 038 55 80.

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