Chinese Medicine inspires new holistic facial treatments

Ashmira BotanicaLuxury wax and skincare brand Ashmira Botanica has launched new holistic skincare range and treatments inspired by Chinese Medicine.

Products are formulated with natural plant extracts, essential oils and clays, and in small batches. 

According to the ancient healing system of Chinese Medicine, the face reflects internal imbalances within the meridian system of the body, which connects the body's organs to one another. Using the five-element theory (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) whilst looking at the skin can show which meridians may need balancing.

Ashmira Botanica uses the theory of five elements in five treatments including facials, exfoliation and full body massage. Treatments can be personalised to each client based on their biorhythm (year of birth), skincare issues or emotions as well as being suited to the season and time of year.

A two-day training course which includes the theory of the Five Elements, as well as practical demonstrations to experience the products and learn the techniques for each treatment, is available. Therapists are trained to offer a multi-sensory experience by incorporating a cup of ceremonial Cacao and sound healing with chimes and sound bowls, enveloping the client in an extra layer of relaxation.

Ashmira Botanica 
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