Build customer loyalty by selling skincare products!

It's not inappropriate to benefit from the sale of products in your salon. Surprising, however, is that many salons don't do this enough or at all. And yet, there are many benefits you can gain if you choose to sell skincare products in your salon.

The fact that many salons don't take advantage of selling products in their salon could be because they aren't aware of their potential.

For starters, selling products in your salon has the potential to increase customer loyalty and retention. And it's very simple: if you talk to a customer while working on their skin, you can recommend a product that will prolong the quality of your care. You'll be adding value to the experience, and the chances of that customer returning to your salon again will increase by 30%.

During the lockdowns, many salons expanded their product retail business, sometimes even opening their own online store. In addition to generating some income, this has enabled them to maintain an indispensable link with their customers.

Improving revenue per customer

Selling skincare products in your salon helps generate more income for each customer who visits. Some salon owners see themselves primarily as service providers and nothing more. This has limited the ability of these salons to generate more revenue and, above all, to increase their revenue per customer.
At Celestetic, we've set up an online store to make it easy for you to order products you'd like to resell.

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