Boost skin energy with Bio-Therapeutic's new ATP masque

Skin experts Bio-Therapeutic have introduced a new facial treatment based upon the theory of skin ageing being caused by a decline in the body's energy production and efficiency.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is the primary cellular energy source in our bodies, responsible for driving the skin's ability to maintain resilience against ageing triggers. As the body ages, there is a decrease in the ability of the cell's mitochondria to produce ATP. The Energetic Theory of Aging proposes that replenishing skin's energy can slow down and even reverse skin ageing.

With this in mind, Bio-Therapeutic has developed the bt-cocktail® Energy Masque bridging the gap between frequency specific True Microcurrent and topically applied ATP.

Imprinted with Suzuki Silver to conduct True Microcurrent evenly across the skin, the fabric masque provides a hands-free microcurrent treatment with a two channel, four energy pathway approach. The masque is saturated in bt-cocktail® Sequencing Serum containing ATP to help boost skin energy reserves and peptides to address the signs of premature ageing. In addition, pre- and postbiotics support the skin's microbiome, while sodium hyaluronate, elastin and oat proteins encourage a healthy moisture barrier.

Compatible with Bio-Therapeutic's bt-nano and the Bio-Ultimate Platinum, the bt-cocktail® Energy Masque will be available in October.