Bio-Therapeutic launch AHA peel for layered exfoliation

Advanced skincare experts Bio-Therapeutic has introduced a new skin smoothing facial peel.

Created to be used alongside the brand's technology and professional wet/dry microdermabrasion services, as well as on its own, Bio-Therapeutic's Aquafuse Tech Peel is formulated with skin smoothing glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids.

In addition, antioxidant Gardenia extract, which gives the peel its deep blue colour, lycopene-rich tomato lipids, Turmeric and Lavender illuminate the complexion whilst also calming the skin.

It has as foaming, setting formulation meaning it can be applied to specific areas that require enhanced exfoliation without stripping the skin.

The peel can be used in professional services and as part of an ongoing skincare regime at home. In the salon, apply to cleansed skin and allow the peel to set for two to five minutes. Then using the Bio-Brasion® Trinity wet/dry microdermabrasion system, you can deliver layered exfoliation to leave the skin smooth and brightened. 

At home, clients can apply a thick layer to a cleansed face and neck and allow to set for up to five minutes before rinsing away.

Post-treatment advice should include the use of sunscreen and limit sun exposure for a week due the skin's increased sensitivity following alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) use.

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