Say hello to the insane brow stain…

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The industry leaders, Beautiful Brows and Lashes, have just launched their henna-free 3D Effect Hybrid Brow Stain, and ABT members can get 20% off using code ABT20.

The innovative stain can be used immediately after brow lamination to create a fuller, bolder brow and 3D effect on the skin, or it can be used as a treatment itself without the lamination. 

The stain will last for up to seven weeks on the hair shaft and root, and the 3D effect 10 days on the skin.

The 100% henna-free formula means that high-quality results can be achieved without potentially harmful side effects; BB believes that beauty should not come with consequences. 

The bespoke range comes in nine versatile shades, mixable to create infinite new tones to flawlessly match every client's hair colour and skin tone. Imagine being able to offer the perfect shade for each individual client… every… single… time… 

The formula is comprised of naturally occurring, growth-enhancing ingredients designed to care for and protect the hair and skin. The stain is packed with minerals, antioxidants and essential oils for nourishment and to promote healthy beauty. 

The Hybrid Stain has been crafted to work exceptionally with the Beautiful Brows & Lashes Hybrid Stain Developer, made using coconut oil and panthenol to obtain the best results in the shortest amount of time. 

You can purchase BB's Trial, Starter and Deluxe Hybrid Stain Kits, full of products that complement the hybrid procedure perfectly and ensure you achieve the best results possible. The Deluxe Kit includes 24 products, including the new Camouflage Concealer Wheel and a collection of Precision Artistry Brushes. 

Make brows go WOW with top-quality products from the industry specialists… follow the link below to shop BB's Hybrid Stain innovation.