B’Kate launches a new way to define brows

Brow cosmetics brand B'Kate has introduced a new Brow Dip Collection, a cream powder formulation that adheres to the skin with little or no hair to help create fuller looking eyebrows.

Available in eight shades, B'Kate Brow Dip is applied with a fine brush, such as the B'Kate Angled Eyebrow Brush, to form defined and shaped brows. You can create a natural look or build up colour for more definition.

The formulation is vegan and gluten-free. Colours include Blonde, Ash Blonde, Soft Brown, Golden
Brown, Brunette, Deep Brown, Ash Brown and Smokey Black.

From the Netherlands, B'Kate was founded by international Brow Artist Marlies Gregorius. The complete range includes Brow Pencils, Highlighters, Brow Gels, Brow Oils, brushes and accessories.

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