Artistic launch Bloom Gel Coat for unique nail art

Professional nail experts Artistic Nail Design have launched a new gel product to help create unique nail art designs.

Artistic Colour Bloom Gel Coat can be used to create marble, stone, watercolour, floral print, snakeskin effects and more, with minimal of fuss, when used alongside Artistic' s Colour Gloss products.

To use, after curing the second coat of Colour Gloss, apply a coat of Colour Bloom, do not cure. With a dotting tool or brush, apply desired colours to create the bloom effect. Cure for 30 seconds and finish with Glossing Gel, cure for another 30 seconds. 

Alternatively, apply dots of Colour Bloom to uncured colour, cure for 30 seconds and follow with Glossing Gel, cure for 30 seconds.

Louella Belle
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