Alpha-H announces change in clinic strategy

Australian skincare brand Alpha-H has revealed a recent brand refresh and a new strategy for their newly named Prescriptive Range and clinic partners.

Established over 25 years ago, Alpha-H was one of the first brands to feature Glycolic Acid in its cosmeceutical skincare formulations for use at home and in the salon. 

In addition to refreshing the look of the professional Prescriptive Range, Alpha-H is in the process of partnering with an intimate number of leading skin clinics globally to offer professional-only treatments. Viewed as an extension of the Alpha-H brand, these clinics will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing product development and collaborative content creation to educate on the safe and efficacious product use. In addition, management of all professional clinics will be brought in-house.

Commenting on the recent developments at Alpha-H, Tina Randello, Chief Commercial Officer, says:

“We are extremely proud and thankful for salon heritage that has helped lead the brand to international success. We know our clinic partners are an essential element of our business and this change of strategy recognises this by bringing them closer into the core of the brand.”