Expert Advice: How choosing the right uniform can improve your business

Deborah Gobey explains how uniforms can improve your beauty or hair business and offers her top tips on selecting the perfect fit for you. 

Deborah Gobey Alexandra beauty uniformsIndependent beauty salon owners across the country often toy with the same questions: should I create a uniform for my business? And if I do get a uniform, what style and colour should I choose?

Uniforms instantly make your business more recognisable so that new and existing customers know they can rely on you. Yet even if you decide to select a uniform for your business, the huge range of styles, options and accessories can be daunting and make you unsure of where to begin in creating your bespoke look.

So, how can uniforms improve your beauty or hair business? 

Firstly, uniforms create consistency. It allows you to build a reputation for reliability. Uniforms let your customers know they are being treated by the same highly skilled staff as always. This puts your customers at ease, as they're confident your team know what they're doing and know that your business is a specialist to be relied upon.

It also helps to build a brand people talk about. This makes clients feel connected and they will remember who (and which business) gave them a great service, making them more likely to recommend your business to friends.

Think your team's comfort and style

Not only are uniforms a great way to be identifiable from a customer-facing perspective, they also provide employees comfort and style. Introducing work uniforms can help your staff to stay focused on their jobs. 

By being comfortable to wear over long periods of time, uniforms stop clothing from being a distraction. A stylish uniform makes staff feel confident and worry less about what a customer might think of their outfit enabling them to carry out their role, using their skills freely. 

Once you've made the decision to introduce a uniform, the next question you may ask yourself is ‘what style should the uniform be?'

Alexandra beauty uniform Asymmetrical Zip Tunic
Alexandra's Asymmetrical Zip Tunic features a mandarin-style collar and large buttons down one side, is available in 13 different colourways to show clients the vibrancy of your business.
Over the years, tunics are by far the most popular choice of top for a beauty or hair salon uniform. They come in a range of colours and cuts, so can easily be chosen to fit your branding, and are durable and easy to care for. Not forgetting being comfortable and great to pair with trousers, in my opinion they are the first and only choice for beauty therapists.

Tunics also come in a variety of styles:

Asymmetrical: Featuring a mandarin-style collar and large buttons down one side, asymmetrical-style tunics offer an on-trend top that shows the vibrancy of your business.

Button-Front: Mixing contemporary cuts with classic smart lines, this style is great for salons that want to stay current and make their customers feel at ease with something traditional.

Mandarin Collar: One of the most popular designs for beauty therapists, the simplicity of its lines makes this style ideal for salons that need a unisex uniform.

One of the most popular designs for beauty therapists, the Mandarin Collar Tunic is ideal for salons that need a unisex uniform.
We also can't forget about footwear. You're going to be on your feet for most of the day so comfortable and durable footwear should be your top priority. Another thing to consider with footwear is style; you want something that reflects current trends to ensure customers know your business fits their needs.

Let's look at the options:

Open-heeled shoes: They are one of the most popular because they're durable and comfortable. Having an open heel makes them airy and able to be worn for long periods of time.

Slip-on shoes: These are favoured because they're comfortable and easy to clean. Having no laces means there are fewer areas for dirt to build up and can be kept spotless.

Choose a uniform that works with your brand identity

Once you've chosen your style of uniform, the next thing to think about is colour. This should be something that works with your brand's identity. We'd recommend focusing on your logo and using the colour wheel to help you choose complementary colours (those on either side of your logo's main colour or those opposite it).

If you really can't decide which colour to choose, then black or white are great and easy options that you can't go wrong with. They look stylish with absolutely anything.

The benefits of a uniform for your business are endless. They help to build a brand identity that your customers come to know and love, remember as experienced and reliable and make them feel confident in your services, resulting in them recommending your business to friends and family. Uniforms are therefore a great way to grow business, so now is your chance to have some fun and get experimental with styles, colour and accessories. 

Deborah Gobey is Head of Marketing at workwear specialists Alexandra, who offer a comprehensive collection of professional clothing options for salon and spa staff.