Advanced treatment insurance now available for Dental Nurses

ABT can now accept members with an NVQ Level 3 Dental Nursing qualification to perform advanced treatments.

This means that membership and professional insurance can be gained by those holding this qualification to carry out treatments including dermaplaning, micro needling, peels and laser treatments on the face. Qualifying members should also hold a relevant qualification in the treatment they are delivering. Such treatments are classed as Advanced Extensions to the ABT Beauty Therapy Membership package.

ABT have over 18,000 members, with their membership and insurance package including up to £6 million Professional Treatment Risks Insurance should anything happen while you are performing a treatment, £6 million Public Liability should any accidents occur, and £6 million Product Liability should there be any injury or loss arising from the products you supplied.

Plus, members get unlimited defence costs per claim with an unlimited number of claims in a year, and can work from home, salon or any other safe location in the UK or temporarily abroad (other than USA or Canada).

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