Actor highlights need for safe aesthetic treatments for cancer patients

Actor Victoria Ekanoye, known for playing Angie Appleton in Coronation Street, has partnered with Organic Aesthetics London to highlight the need for safe aesthetic treatments for cancer patients and those suffering autoimmune conditions. She was recently refused aesthetic treatments at other clinics.

Victoria, who has recently experienced breast cancer, is a Patron of Prevent Breast Cancer and Sickle Cell Care Manchester and is fronting a documentary addressing the adversities and disparities for African women with breast cancer. 

Organic Aesthetics London was co-founded by Professor Afshin Mosahebi and skin care specialist Asal Shirazi BEM, who herself is a chronic disease sufferer. The clinic offers clients a range of treatments including skin firming, laser hair removal, fat reduction and body contouring, fillers and Botox. 

Commenting on her experience with Organic Aesthetics London, Victoria Ekanoye says:

"I couldn't believe it when I enquired about various treatments and it wasn't a resounding ‘No.' The procedures were all clearly explained and the safest options inferred. More so due to my sickle cell condition, it's important to have treatments done under supervision. 

“I had spent the day with the wonderful team, discussing options and having treatments and I loved it! No down time, just as effective, but more importantly everything sterile and safe! Even the post treatment skincare is specially formulated to be toxin-free, functional and is all plant based premium luxury products.

“Under the supervision of highly acclaimed Professor Mosahebi, aesthetic treatments are delivered for patients like me. He has breast cancer patients who have been refused aesthetic treatment and it affects their mental health and general quality of life."

Organic Aesthetics London