Using software to generate new revenue streams

Avril Kealy, global SEO specialist and content writer at Phorest Salon Software, highlights the automated features that investing in a high-quality salon software system can offer.

As a salon owner or industry professional, it can be easy to fall into the trap of only making money while you're open. Many salon professionals make the majority of their earnings through in-house product and service sales, but total reliance on this can be a risky business model.

One of the best ways to increase revenue, delight your client, and ensure your business is making money even while it's closed, is by creating new revenue streams for your salon. Investing in a high-quality salon software system that automates this can aid you in making this change seamless. Here's how.

Open an Online Store

Amidst the ever-increasing sea of information about new brands and products in the media, consumers are turning to their stylists, hairdressers, and beauty therapists for tailored advice that they can trust. Give your clients what they're looking for and allow them to buy from the salon at any time with your very own online store. 

With a system like Phorest, which offers online store creation, products can be uploaded and synced directly to your salon software for effortless inventory control. As well as keeping things organised and giving consumers more choices when it comes to buying retail products, opening an online store is a sure-fire way of making more money and keeping stock moving from shelves with ease.

With a system like Phorest, which offers online store creation, products can be uploaded and synced directly to your salon software for effortless inventory control.
Online Gift Vouchers
While most salons will sell vouchers in person, allowing consumers to purchase them online not only offers extra flexibility to your existing clients but also helps you to target new customers. Like physical gift cards, online gift vouchers can be branded to your salon's liking and tailored in price, but are a paperless, instant, and simple gifting solution for you and your client. If you're looking for a simple way of increasing salon revenue and generating referrals at the same time, this is it.

Start offering Video Consultations

Times are changing and people are busier. Many of your clients no longer have the time to pop into the salon for a 10-minute consultation or post-treatment assessment. Video consultations bridge this gap, allowing you to service clients without either of you having to be in the salon. 

Video consultations are quicker, easier and more flexible; exactly what your client is looking for. 

Phorest even offers system-linked video consultation features, allowing clients to book in and pay for their consultation online before even logging into the call, keeping money coming in no matter where you are in the world.

Start an industry-specific Loyalty Programme

If you're not ready to take things online just yet, starting a salon loyalty programme is an excellent way of allowing clients to try out new products or services and getting them back in spending in future. Rather than running it as a coffee-shop-esque “buy x amount of services and get one free”, why not set specific services or products as “treats” and reward them to clients who have spent a certain amount in the salon already? By doing this, you can introduce existing clients to new products and services with the goal of encouraging them to purchase these treatments at full price at a later date.

How can software help?

One of the main ways that salon software can help you generate new revenue streams in the salon is by offering automated features that clients love and engage with. Whether that's through a system-linked online store or just clever automation like personalised appointment reminders and loyalty points, giving your clients plenty of ways to engage with your salon is key to creating new revenue streams and increasing the money coming in.

In our “always-on” world, ensuring that you're allowing your clients to purchase, book appointments and get in touch with your salon on their schedule is a sure-fire way of increasing revenue, building client loyalty and generating referrals with minimum effort. Stop limiting your salon to making money during your opening hours and switch to 24/7 revenue generation instead.

Avril Kealy is a global SEO specialist and content writer at Phorest Salon Software. Find out more at / @phorestsalonsoftware

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