Self-employed reminded over Self Assessment Tax deadline

A reminder to all self employed beauty and hair professionals that the Self Assessment income tax return digital deadline is fast approaching.

By midnight on Tuesday 31st January, you must have submitted your Self Assessment tax return for 2021 to 2022 online, and either paid any tax due or made arrangements with HMRC for a payment plan.

You are required to submit a Self Assessment Tax Return if you work as a sole trader or are a partner in a business. In addition, if you're employed but also work independently, for example you offer beauty or hair services in your own time from which you earn more than £1,000 in this tax year, you should also complete this tax return. 

Your submission should also include any COVID-19 support payments or grants received between the dates of 6th April 2021 and 5th April 2022 as well as tips, commissions, money from renting out property, and income you receive from dividends, investments and savings.

If you're not sure how to complete your Self Assessment Tax Return, HMRC have put together a short video to assist, and they also have an online chat for further advice.