Women encouraged to celebrate afro-textured hair

As we celebrate World Afro Day (15th September), British hair care brand, Nylah's Naturals, is encouraging Black women to celebrate their natural afro-textured hair rather than feel pressured by beauty standards or a lack of proper products, to straighten it causing extra damage and breakage.

Nylah's Naturals is a science-based vegan range of textured hair products developed to redefine the haircare standard for afro-textured hair.

A study by the Silent Spring Institute showed that Black women are potentially exposed to numerous hazardous ingredients through their hair products. The study analysed 18 different hair products designed for afro hair, and detected 45 different endocrine disruptors associated with a variety of negative health effects. 

Founder of Nylah's Naturals, Kam Davis, worked for several years with a cosmetic scientist, a trichologist, and a traditional herbalist to develop a range of hair care products formulated with 97% ingredients from natural sources including cold-pressed oils to preserve hair's naturally healthy fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and minerals.

Kam Davis, Founder and CEO of Nylah's Naturals, explains:

“Nylah's Naturals takes inspiration from my daughter and my desire to celebrate her beauty with products that are made for her. When I realised that most existing products for afro hair weren't science-based, and either damaged, or unnaturally altered the curl pattern of afro hair types, I decided to create a line that uses only hypo-allergenic, plant-based ingredients and makes afro hair look gorgeous, naturally.”

She adds:

“Once we noticed the limited information available, we realised that many consumers are unaware of how different ingredients work, how to choose perfect products for their scalp and hair types, or which ingredients can cause harm in afro-textured hair. We recently started offering short educational sessions for our textured-hair customers to share our knowledge about hair care traditions, the choice of products and ingredients, and proper routines for afro hair, so that they can make the best choice for their hair.”

Key products in the range include Nylah's Naturals Strength and Shine Thickening Shampoo collection, created specifically for very dry afro and curly hair, with Super Botanical's Restorative Conditioner containing Ethiopian Crambe and Jojoba seed oils, and Herbal Hair Tea for hair growth.