Skin Proud launches with interactive virtual game

Skin ProudRecently launched skincare brand, Skin Proud, is using an interactive gaming experience to engage with consumers.

The inclusive brand of skincare, which aims to have an affirming effect on users' self-esteem, has created the #skinproud game, launched via TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Gamers tap on negative thoughts such as ‘hideous' or ‘ashamed' as they fly across the virtual, millennial pink bathroom. As they shun these thoughts, points are scored and those who score 100 points or more are automatically entered into the Skin Proud Prize Draw to win the full Skin Proud collection.

Proving to be an effective campaign, in the first 24 hours after launch Skin Proud sold one product every seven minutes via the brand's exclusive deal with ASOS.

Skin Proud

Commenting on their launch marketing campaign, Global Head of Marketing for Skin Proud, Nora Zukauskaite, says:

“Our customer base, which is largely made up of Gen-Z's, spend more time online and in front of screens than any other age demographic. Exacerbated by the current situation, a game felt like the right move to really capture the hearts and minds of those individuals, especially since they aren't able to engage with more traditional games and sports at this time. We have already built a 20,000+ strong community on social media platforms but wanted to amplify their experience online in a unique way.  Plus, this game is fun and positive, which is something I think we could all do with a little more of right now.”

She adds: 

“More than ever, people are looking for a sense of belonging and community, and in the same way that sports rally people together, we have also found that this game has done the same. We've had thousands of players so far engage with the game and our Skin Proud community is growing daily. For us, Skin Proud equals community and we can see our brand rooting itself deep into the psyche of customers, and we hope to permanently alter attitudes in the industry.”