SPF use too low amongst Brits abroad

Despite warnings over the danger of excessive exposure to UVA/UVB and sunburn, a quarter of British holidaymakers take no lotion when travelling abroad.

The research also found that of those who do take SPF with them, 44% don't take enough – just one bottle to cover a week's sun exposure compared to the NHS recommendation of three. The NHS advise using two tablespoons of SPF lotion to cover an adult body, applied twice before going out and after every swim.

With SPF products priced lower in the UK than countries such as Greece, Ibiza and Cyprus, a family of four could be spending in excess of £100 a week more by purchasing products overseas. 

The study was carried out by Holiday Hypermarket, whose Craig Duncan says: 

“Cost is one of the most important considerations for any holiday, yet Brits are underestimating the amount of sun cream they need and then wasting hard-earned money by stocking up abroad.

“A British family can spend an eye-watering £200 to buy extra lotion for a two week holiday in Ibiza. That could easily cover a few delicious family meals, room upgrade or new holiday clothes.

“Buying enough sun cream at a supermarket close to home is one of the most effective money-saving holiday hacks there is!”