Using hair extensions to chop & change your style

BeautyandHairdressing consulted hair extension specialist Noushin Arshad, from Arabella Rose, to look at how hair extensions can help you chop and change your look this season…

Noushin Arshad
Hair extensions don't always have to translate to long hair. Many women turn to extensions to supplement their own natural hair, and as a way to conceal over-processed and weaker sections. 

“Extensions can add volume and even-out choppy layers or a bad hairstyle. Rather than opt for a drastic new style, extensions give you the opportunity to switch up your look temporarily in a matter of hours,” says Noushin Arshad from Arabella Rose.

Is it true that hair extensions don't always mean added length?
Shorter hair extension devotees using extensions for volume include Kimberley Walsh, Caroline Flack and Jessica Biel. Arabella Rose also offer the ‘Strands' method using partial extensions to conceal any uneven layers and add volume to the front of the hair.

Extensions can help your hair change regularly, whether for volume, length or both in a matter of hours with no commitment long-term, just until you decide on a different style! You can also colour them to suit your mood and the ever-changing hair trends.

In our time-short lifes, does adding extensions mean extra at-home styling time?
You can cut your styling time in half. Hair extensions help hold your styles and curls better and longer due to the high quality of the Russian hair sourced and used.

Can adding hair extensions help clients to cut their hair colouring costs?
Long term hair extensions can actually help your natural hair flourish, as your colour can be achieved with pre-coloured extensions.

Arabella Rose hair extensions
Long term hair extensions can help your natural hair flourish, as your colour can be achieved with pre-coloured extensions, says Noushin.
Will adding extensions damage hair?
Extensions can protect the natural hair from heat and styling, and allow you to create effortless styles with each; underneath the extensions of your natural hair will flourish.

Micro-ring Extensions are discreet and damage-free. Micro-ring extensions are tiny rings that are used to apply the strands of hair extension to your natural locks, and they cause absolutely no damage if cared for correctly. Arabella Rose make each strand of hair individually and tailor make for each client. Clients need to come back for a full refitting every three months, and if they're cared for correctly, the same hair can be used continuously, thus saving money in the long run.

What's more, hair extensions can help you become a colour chameleon without the use of dyes and bleach, helping to avoid damage to natural hair.

Extensions will make your natural hair a lot healthier. Taking care of your hair extensions will ensure they stay soft and silky. If you don't care for them correctly, chances are they'll end up dry, frizzy and straw-esque. Look after your hair extensions by using your styling tools on lower settings. Use sulphate-free organic shampoos and conditioners, as chemicals in normal shampoos can break down bonds quickly.