Fade Out reveal results of four week challenge

Fade Out

Skincare brand Fade Out, who specialise in products which even out skin tone, has revealed the results of their latest four-week challenge.

The campaign, which ran from September to November 2018, encouraged consumers to trial the Fade Out products, and saw up to 500 participants choose their favourite Fade Out products and use them day and night for four weeks.

Fade Out before and after 4 week trial

Fade Out before and after 4 week trial
After completing the trial, 95% said that they would recommend Fade Out, with 82% agreeing that their skin looked more even in tone.

Eighty-three percent agreed that their skin had a brighter complexion, whilst 82% said they saw a reduction in dark patches, age spots or sun spots. Of the consumers who took part, 78% felt happier and more confident with their skin.