Dermalogica training recognised by PRTA

Dermalogica has been recognised by The Princess Royal Training Awards Commission (PRTAs) with an award for exemplar training and learning best practice. 

The skincare brand has been acknowledged alongside 44 other organisations for embracing digital advances and reinventing the way it trains employees on new products, capitalising on advances in technology. Dermalogica have increased learning and reference resources whilst improving training access and flexibility for staff. In 2018 revenue made from innovations was at 13.8% which is 3.8% above the expected target.

The PRTAs were established by global skills development body, City & Guilds Group with the aim of recognising employers with outstanding training and development programmes according to three hallmarks: training has an impact on the organisation and its people, training and development is integral to the organisation, and training is designed and delivered efficiently and effectively. 

After undergoing a rigorous assessment process, Dermalogica will receive their award from HRH The Princess Royal in October.

Commenting on the brand's PRTA's recognition, Candice Gardner, Dermalogica Education Manager, says: 

“Dermalogica is a passionate advocate for training and skills development because not only does it build confidence and improve job satisfaction, but it drives business success. Our heritage in skin care training means education is in our brand DNA. This ethos on the importance and value of training fuels our continued commitment to staff training. 

“This award is a fantastic recognition of the tremendous amount of work that goes into providing the highest quality brand and product training for our staff possible. Whilst we have always prided ourselves on our training quality and content, over the last two years we have made huge strides in improving access to information using digital methods. Our blended learning approach gives our staff education at their fingertips whatever their device or schedule, whilst continuing to deliver extremely important product and service experiences wherever we can. I feel so incredibly proud to work with our team of highly professional educators. Sharing the great work that they do, and impact they have, with the Commission's Assessors was a huge privilege.”