CurrentBody introduce A-Tech beauty devices

Beauty device brand CurrentBody has introduced a range of products from Japan, Korea and China, known as A-Tech, to its UK range. 

The range includes Dr Arrivo anti-ageing technologies to tone and tighten the complexion, Ya-Man Radio Frequency devices, SixPad Electrical Muscle Stimulation, and U-LIKE IPL hair removal devices.

Commenting on the launch of A-Tech to their range of beauty devices, CurrentBody CEO, Laurence Newman, says:

“After recently expanding into China and spending significant time there, I realised that there was a whole host of game-changing ‘local' brands that are incredibly popular with consumers. Just like the emergence of Korean beauty, we are seeing the emergence of a new range of beauty devices and it felt obvious to create a new category in a market we have helped grow.

“Whilst it is widely recognised that components are often sourced from China for electrical goods, there has been a conception that a brand or device might be poorly manufactured if its origin is not European or US based. From what I have seen from some of the products we now have, that has completely changed.”