Cleanse cosmetic brushes of germs & nasties

How often do you cleanse and sanitise your make-up and cosmetic brushes? Once a week? One a month? Never? According to StylPro, 22% of women admit that they never wash their make-up brushes with one in five not realising that they had to wash their cosmetic applicators. 

Used daily, cosmetic brushes pick up all sorts of nasties – not only old, stale make-up but bacteria and oils, which are then spread across the face when they're used again, clogging pores and causing congestion and skin irritation. Just think of all the effort you go to in cleansing your face, just to cover it in bacteria again once you apply your make-up.

If your excuse is lack of time, thankfully StylPro have come up with the answer. Developed by Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, the StylPro brush cleaner not only washes your brushes but dries them in super-quick time. Used in combination with StylPro Cleanser, oil is cut through and dirt, grime and germs are drawn out of brushes – even stubborn cosmetics like long-hold foundation and lipstick. Brushes are then sprun dry in a matter of seconds, leaving them looking and perfoming as good as new.

StylePro brush cleaner

Vegan-friendly, StylPro Cleanser is free of alcohol, parabens and sulphates and conditions brushes with Argan, Wheatgerm and Grapeseed oils.

The StylPro Original is great to use at home whilst the StylPro Professional is ideal for salon or MUA use; both are available in the UK online.