Chinese eco brand launches lipstick range

Two female beauty entrepreneurs from China are attempting to break into the western cosmetics market with the launch of their first lipstick range in North America. Eunarz Cosmetics unveiled its collection in a collaboration with design house LANYU at their SS19 runway show at New York Fashion Week.

The Eunarz Cosmetics lipstick collection was developed with the Department of Chemistry at Oxford University and Columbia University's Bio-engineering Department. 

The collection is certified organic and all-natural, and features refined Hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E. Products are fragranced with Orange extract.

Eunarz Cosmetics lipsticks quench dry lips and saturate them with colour, with eight shades for women and two shades for men, ranging from reds and purples to oranges and deep pinks.

Eunarz Cosmetics is said to be the first cosmetic brand in China that has strong “eco-friendly” and feminist ideals in mind. The brand chose to launch at the LANYU show as designer Lan Yu regarded as one of Asia's most influential designers.