BarberTalk training supports clients' mental health

On World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September), The Lions Barber Collective is urging more hair professionals to undergo training to support clients with their mental health.

Recognising that barbers are often a trusted confidant and friendly ear to their customers, the charity was formed five years ago by Torquay-based barber Tom Chapman following the death of his friend Alex. The charity's mission is to create non-clinical, non-judgemental safe spaces where men feel comfortable to talk about their mental health and to signpost them to support and information. 

The Lions Barber Collective launched a clinically-backed training programme, BarberTalk, for hairstylists to support their clients and communities. The BarberTalk training is based on the four pillars of Recognise, Ask, Listen and Help.

Commenting ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day, Tom Chapman, Lions Barber Collective founder, says:

“With the male suicide rates recently going up and the impact of COVID-19 on the nation, the need for safe, non-judgmental, non-clinical spaces that are accessible where people feel comfortable to talk is essential to help look after the wellbeing of those in need. The salons and barbershops will no doubt be providing this service, with some training this extensive network/infrastructure can really save lives!”