Apraise revitalise lashes & brows in 15 days

Apraise Power Serum Revolutionise professional lashes and brows with Apraise's new Power Serum, created to achieve stronger and fuller lashes and brows in just 15 days.

Apraise Power Serum is infused with Optiplex™ Growth Technology; this stimulates the hair follicle to encourage and speed up hair growth. The appearance of short, brittle lashes and thin and sparse brows are improved through the formulation's nourishing, active ingredients which provide optimal hair anchorage and reduces daily hair loss.

After just 15 days of daily use of Apraise Power Serum, brow hair and lashes will be fuller and longer, making the product the ideal retail item to add value to professional lash and brow treatments.

Apraise Power Serum is available in the UK via distributors nationwide.