ABT members save 15% off MASCED training

To celebrate Melanoma May, the MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) Programme is offering ABT members a 15% discount when they enrol on the course.

Launched in January 2018, the MASCED programme is run by national melanoma and skin cancer charity, Skcin, with the aim of empowering hair and beauty professionals to identify the warning signs of skin cancer, which can aid early diagnosis and treatment, and improve prognosis.

Melanoma May aims to raise awareness of the issue of skin cancer and the importance of early detection. Most non-melanoma skin cancers occur on sun-exposed areas  of the face such as the face, ears, neck and scalp, whilst melanoma, can appear anywhere on the body. When lesions arise on areas that clients cannot see themselves, or when they are not aware of what to look for, skin cancers can go undetected. By undertaking the MASCED online programme, therapists are provided with the know-how to identify areas of concern which they may spot during massage treatments, facials, hand treatments and body care.

The success of the MASCED Programme was highlighted recently in a Daily Mail article, in which beauty therapist Erika Hodgkiss explained how she spotted a mole on client Jayne Hobbs' chest which resulted in a diagnosis of melanoma. Jayne was able to have the cancerous mole removed and doctors were able to confirm that the cancer had not spread, thanks to Erika's early detection.

The MASCED Programme, accredited by ABT, costs just £20, and ABT members will benefit from a 15% discount on this price when you enrol during May 2019 using the discount code ABT15 at www.MASCED.UK.